Valle Degli Arci Agricultural Company

Our farm produces three types of red wine: Merlot, Cesanese (original vineyard) and Montepulciano, and two types of white: Malvasia e Trebbiano. The olive trees of the farm provide an excellent extra virgin olive oil, sold both in cans of 5l, and in bottles. It is an especially delicate product, obtained by manual gathering of the olives which are pressed cold immediately after the harvesting, in order to conserve its characteristic fruity aroma to the utmost. On the farm we also hold bees for several generations, which provide us with three types of especially precious honey: “Acacia”, very transparent and of a delicate perfume, an excellent “Thousand Blossoms” (Millefiori) of the hillsides, and a “Melata”, characterized by an original very tasty flavour (excellent in combination with the local “Pecorino” cheese!) We also produce Integral Flour of tender grain, and Maize Flour, excellent for particular “Polenta”, enriched by the products of our area.