Services Agriturismo Valle degli Arci

It is our major wish to grant you fun, relaxing, and enjoying the beauties which the surrounding nature offers. So naturally, we offer you all that may give you a delightful stay, as swimming pool, mountain bikes, the boccia ground, ping pong table, the children’s play ground, and barbecue.

Swimming Pool

After a beautiful and taxing excursion to the famous Villas of Tivoli, nothing better than jumping into the swimming pool and relaxing on a green lawn! Our pool measures 8 by 4 meters, and being 1 meter 50 deep, may also guest the youngsters.

Mountain Bike

For our guests used to sports, we ofer the free use of Mountain Bikes, with which it is possible to discover the uncontaminated nature of our wonderful Valley. Depending on the number of participants, it is possible to organize guided hikes along the banks of the river Aniene, starting from the marvellous lake of Saint Benedict in Subiaco, with a picnic rest on the green meadows flanking the crystalline waters of the stream.

Recreation Areas

But what to do when all want to play together? We can organize a boccia game on our regular game ground. When only two players, the ping pong game makes do for a nice exchange. For the tiny guests, there is a small play ground where they may play completely safely, in the attentive care of the parents.


For film lovers, a splendid cinema hall is available, with last generation’s surround amplification, extremely comfortable designer deck chairs made of a very singular material…undulated cardboard! The fee for renting the hall is of 4.00€ per person, with a minimum fee of 10.00€ for only one or two persons. Films may be rented in the Videoteca in Tivoli, or taken along directly from home.

Wellness Treatments

Vacations are also the right time to exploit for Loving ourselves, to dedicate some time to ourselves. A precious moment in which to allow ourselves all those extra cuddles and attentions that have the power to enhance our vital energy, allowing for our cells to regenerate and our mind to produce thoughts that conjure up happiness and abundance.
Exactly for this reason, we offer the possibility to you, dear guests, to choose among number of individual treatments ranging from SHIATZU, an holistic tecnique of massage that balances the body energetically, to Decontracting.


Shiatzu is a healing technique which, through gentle and beneficial manual pressure on the entire body, helps stimulating the process of self-healing in a way that Vital Energy finds its natural course again. Through mobilitation of the articulations and pressure along the energy conduits (meridians), SHIATZU acts on the parasympathetic nervous system, helping the person to enter deep relaxation and stress reduction. It enhances the immunitary defense system, besides working on bettering physical disturbances – be they structural, psychic or emotional. Receiving a SHIATZU treatment means taking care of oneself in a natural and harmonious way. SHIATZU is a painless technique which can easily be enjoyed comfortably dressed.