Vacations are also the right time to exploit for Loving ourselves, to dedicate some time to ourselves. A precious moment in which to allow ourselves all those extra cuddles and attentions that have the power to enhance our vital energy, allowing for our cells to regenerate and our mind to produce thoughts that conjure up happiness and abundance.
Exactly for this reason, we offer the possibility to you, dear guests, to choose among number of individual treatments ranging from SHIATZU, an holistic tecnique of massage that balances the body energetically, to LYMPH DRAINAGE, a method of digital pressure that reduces stagnating liquids and betters the lymphatic circulation; to the CALIFORNIAN – a calming massage that frees the mind from thoughts, tonifies, acts on the muscular system dissolving contractions, and enhances the elasticity of the articulations. LYMPH DRAINAGE and CALIFORNIAN are available in the wellness center Harmony Castle, with which we have special agreements. This centre is situated just 3 km from our Farm, and besides offering other individual treatments, it also features a grotto lined with Himalayan pink salt, wellknown for its numerous benefits for skin and breathing. To the early birds we offer for free, in the Agriturismo Valle degli Arci, the possibility to participate in lectures of BODY AWAKENING, through Meditation, Conscious Breathing, and the MAKKO OH, exercises that derive from traditional Chinese medicine, and which by stretching particular muscles manage to restore harmony to the Energy Meridians. Last but not least, at around ten km distance, the ACQUE ALBULE, ROMAN THERMAL BATHS, offer their famous curative sulphureous water.

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