Shiatzu is a healing technique which, through gentle and beneficial manual pressure on the entire body, helps stimulating the process of self-healing in a way that Vital Energy finds its natural course again. Through mobilitation of the articulations and pressure along the energy conduits (meridians), SHIATZU acts on the parasympathetic nervous system, helping the person to enter deep relaxation and stress reduction. It enhances the immunitary defense system, besides working on bettering physical disturbances – be they structural, psychic or emotional.
Receiving a SHIATZU treatment means taking care of oneself in a natural and harmonious way. SHIATZU is a painless technique which can easily be enjoyed comfortably dressed.



CALIFORNIAN massage is for those looking for real relax, for who desire to let go and find the lost harmony again with their own body. Thanks to its gentleness that awakens the senses, this type of massage generates a relaxation that above all helps persons with burnt out and over stressed syndromes. Gently stimulating the numerous nervous terminals of the organism, CALIFORNIAN massage also stabilizes the nervous system. Exalting the interiorization, it allows for recovering the richness of the senses, and to take heed of the the signals the body emits. Thus, its effects are physical but also psychological, since this kind of massage by reflex enhances the perception of the body, helps tuning in, lets self esteem flower,, and leads to satisfaction.



Lymphdrainage is a particular massage technique, exercised on those areas of the body that are characterized by an excessive reduction of the lymphatic circulation. LYMPH DRAINAGE as by its wording, favours the draining of lymphatic liquids from the muscular tissues: the mechanical manual action is exercised on the level of the areas that are involved with the lymphatic system (composed by milt, thymus, and lymphatic nodules), aiming to facilitate the deflux of organic stagnating liquids.


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