The SALT GROTTO could be described as a hall made of salt: all walls are lined with blocks of pink Himalayan salt, and the floor is covered with pounded salt. All this yet has more to it: The foremost quality inside the rom is the micro-climate thus created. The constant levels of humidity and temperature make for an ideal environment for relaxing and absorbing to the utmost all the benefits of the ‘white gold’. It has been oftentimes tested that the salt grottos considerably better the health conditions of the breathing system: the mucosa, the bronchies and lungs.

The beneficient effects of salt thus are especially congruent on persons who suffer from cold, astma, bronchitis and pulmonar infection. There also have been registered favourable effects on other pathologies such as dermatological, a general gastro-intestinal benefit, and a valid help against hypertension and stress.


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