Nearby Rome, but deeply embedded in the silence of the countryside.
This is the main attraction of our hospitality, which even in the immediate surroundings ( 3-5 km) features exceptional tourist attractions such as Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa), Villa D’Este and Villa Gregoriana.
Few kilometers from our farm, it’s possible to relax and to take advantage of all the services offered, of the famous sulphurous Thermal Baths of Rome, renowned as the “Acque Albule”, situated in the valley beneath Tivoli.

Of an exceptional spiritual and cultural interest are the Sanctuaries dislocated in the area, as Saint Benedict’s and Santa Scholastica’s Convents in Subiaco, the Sanctuary of the Mentorella, Pope John Paul IInd’s predilected goal.

Subiaco, besides the Benedictine Monasteries, features organized tours of Rafting on the river Aniene, Free Climbing, Excursions in the Caves, and Trekking in the area – all in complete safety, warranted by the high professionality of the great guys of the association “VIVERE L’ANIENE”.

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